What groups are running?

Following is a list of the Growth Groups that are running during our Spring-Summer Semester 2017, starting the week of 8 May and ending the week of 10 July. You can download the catalogue HERE


sunday GROUPS


Seán Byrne

Seán Byrne

Leader: Seán Byrne
When: Sunday Afternoons, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Where:  The Vineyard Centre, D8

This group will cover topics such as the Kingdom of God, healing, worship, compassion & the values of Dublin Vineyard. These are topics that are at the core of what Vineyard is as a family with a purpose. This class will be a mixture of teaching, discussion and ministry practice and is effectively our membership class.
Doing Vineyard Essentials is foundational to becoming involved in leadership at DV. This is also a great class for anyone wanting to find out more about the values, practices and what makes us who we are at Dublin Vineyard. Come along if you have been in the Vineyard for a long time or you are new to our church. The class will be led by Seán & he says of this course: “I can't wait to see what the Holy Spirit will do in our time together'.” Bring your own lunch. 

Seán leads Dublin Vineyard, and is married to Debbie and also is a dad to three great young adults. Seán enjoys working out at the gym and taking long walks with Debbie and their dog. Seán likes nothing more than seeing people change as they encounter Jesus.




Leaders: James & Melissa Garza
When: Sunday Afternoons, 3:00pm - 5-6:00pm
Where: Carrickmines, D18

James & Melissa Garza

James & Melissa Garza

This Growth Group is for those who speak Spanish and would like to explore Christianity or grow in their faith in Christ, in their primary language, while building a sense of community with other Christians.
As a group we will read the bible together and discuss how it’s themes and message can apply in our lives
We will start with a ‘social’ time of tea, coffee and chat and also have a time of prayer for one another.


James & Melissa are Mexican Americans and love connecting with new people, especially ones that find themselves in Ireland from Latin American countries.  James works in finance and loves to BBQ and go to his regular Pub Quiz night. They have lived in Dublin for 8 years and have a 21 year old daughter and a 16 year old son.






Leaders: Hugh & Lisa O'Sullivan
When: Tuesday Nights, (Start and Finish times will be agreed to suit those who sign up for this   group)
Where: Carrickmines, D18 (20 mins walk from "Ballyogan Wood" Luas stop - or we can arrange pick up and drop off)

Hugh & Lisa O'Sullivan

Hugh & Lisa O'Sullivan

Do you find it difficult to reconcile the God of the Old Testament with the God we have come to know through Jesus in the New Testament?   Whether this is something you have wrestled with or not, we  would love you to join us on Tuesday nights, when we intend to explore themes of goodness in the Old and New Testaments - God's goodness and His good gifts, and our proper response in terms of love and good deeds.
Depending on who signs up for this group, there will be the option of coming early for dinner before the group starts. 

Hugh & Lisa live in Carrickmines and on most Saturdays will be found wandering around one of the beautiful local forests. They are involved in a number of ministries at Dublin Vineyard including Growth Groups; and with their children serve on a number of Sunday morning teams, including set-up, hospitality and sound. 




The Unified Story of the Bible

Leaders: Jay & Bruna Pinheiro
When: Tuesday Nights, 6:00pm-8:00pm. (Starting with a shared meal)
Where: Vineyard Centre, Portobello, D8

Jay & Bruna Pinheiro

Jay & Bruna Pinheiro

Did you ever get stuck when you tried to read the Bible? Sometimes difficult words, names and texts can make reading the Bible a hard task, but not anymore!   This group will take a simple but creative approach to reading the scriptures through using cleverly produced video material to help you see the Bible from a different perspective. We will be looking at Old and New Testament themes and topics throughout the semester.
Jay and Bruna are really looking forward to this group where they will start with a shared meal (so come straight from work if you need to), followed by the bible study and a time for prayer. They will also make time for fun and include a time for worship. All are welcome.

Jay & Bruna are from Brazil and have been in Ireland for a year.  Jay is a member of our Worship and sound teams.   They love to eat healthily and to go to the gym. Not really!  They love chocolate and bacon and having naps!



Leader: Pat Brown
When: Tuesday Nights, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Where: Vineyard Centre, Portobello, D8

                   Pat Brown

                   Pat Brown

If you recently made a decision to follow Jesus Christ and make him the lord of your life, or if you are someone who is still asking questions about Jesus and you want to explore more, then Pat would love you to join him on a Tuesday night at the Vineyard Centre. 

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you will be joining others in looking at key bible scripture passages from both the Old and New testaments to gain a deeper and clearer knowledge of the attributes of God and learn more about who He is. Pat is a great believer in the truth that, just as we need food for our physical bodies to grow, so also we need to feed on spiritual food (the Word of God – the Bible)  to mature and grow. His hope is that, as this group progresses you too will develop a desire and hunger to feed on God’s word in the bible and therefore begin to live out of your identity as a Son or Daughter of God.

Pat has been married to Caz for 40 years and together they have 3 much loved children and 8 adorable grandchildren! Pat has led Growth Groups in Dublin Vineyard in the past and has led many Bible Studies as part of CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association), which he has been a part of for nearly 15 years.



Wednesday GROUPS:


Leaders: Christine Hand & Vitoria Campos
When: Wednesday Nights, 7:30pm - 9:15pm
Where: Vineyard Centre, Portobello, D8

Christine Hand

Christine Hand

You do not have to have completed Part 1 in order to join this Gospel of John, Part 2 Growth Group!  We’ll also spend a little while reviewing what we learned from our first 6 Chapters before we commence this next study.

As we embark upon our journey of discovery together, we will be looking at the main themes of the Gospel of John, e.g, The Identity of Jesus, The Necessity of Personal Faith for Salvation, The contrast between opposites----light and darkness, life and death, above and below, true and false, sight and blindness; the tension between the present and future aspects of God’s Kingdom;  The person and work of the Holy Spirit; What it means to be a part of the people of God; including the command to love one another, etc.

Vitoria Campos

Vitoria Campos

So, whether you are new to the Christian life or have been walking with Jesus for many years, you are welcome to join us on Wednesday nights. We promise our time together will be relaxed and informal, and you’ll have opportunities to chat to others over tea/coffee and snacks each week. 


Christine is an Assistant Pastor at Dublin Vineyard and her passion is to help others to know and to follow the Jesus she herself is learning to grow closer to every day! She lives by the sea and loves to walk her dog on the beach, get fit through Zumba and hang out with friends and family. 

Vitoria is from Brazil and has been living in Ireland for well over a year now. She is a member of our Worship Team and loves to play the ‘ukulele’ and introduce others to the Jesus she has come to know and love. 


A deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit  

Leaders: Laurence & Lauren Maritz
When: Wednesday Nights, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Where: Adamstown, Lucan, Co.Dublin


Come and learn more about the Holy Spirit!
We will be digging into the scriptures to find out more about Him and his role alongside the Father and Jesus; including how we are affected by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   We shall also be  looking at the gifts of the Holy Spirit.   Our aim is to deepen our relationship with Him as we partner with God.

Laurence & Lauren have been members of Dublin Vineyard since 2003. Laurence is the Church Administrator and Sunday Coordinator and loves to share the love of God. Lauren has been a teacher in Vineyard Kids for over 10 years and has great passion and love for children and to see them grow in their relationship with the Lord.
They have 2 lovely, busy boys, 2 mad dogs and one beautiful cat.



An Undivided Heart for God 

Leaders: Anne Cassidy
When: Wednesday Nights, 7:45pm - 9:45pm
Where: Orla Downs, Knocklyon, D16

              Anne Cassidy

              Anne Cassidy

All are welcome to come and study the important themes in the book of James, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where we will start with refreshments and a chat before digging into the Bible Study and maybe a bit of Worship as well.  We’ll also be making time for Prayer at the end.
The study will be looking at how we can live a wholehearted life, as a follower of Jesus, rather than attempting, as we often do, to find a middle way between God and the world.   We will be exploring how to live life with a biblical world view and a right understanding of subjects such as suffering and temptation, appropriate speech, true wisdom, humility and pride, poverty and wealth etc.

Anne coordinates the Information Table on Sundays and has led small groups in the past. She is looking forward to helping others to grow in their walk with Jesus and apply this to their lives.  Anne loves swimming and walking her dog and being outdoors.