We want to partner with God to help bring meaningful change to peoples' lives. We want to be a community characterized by love, mercy, compassion and generosity.  We know that God's love is meant to be given away. We encourage people to be active in extending God's love and kindness to other’s in their everyday lives in real practical ways. Generosity and kindness happens informally and as simply as being kind to a neighbour and also in more "formal" or organized ministries. We have a number of opportunities for people to become a part of extending God's amazing love, compassion and mercy to others.

For more information on any of our compassion ministries below, please contact the church office.

The Soup Run

Each Sunday evening a small team of people go out onto the streets of Dublin to spend some time with some of the homeless people of our city.  We offer tea, sandwiches, sleeping bags, some clean clothes, a listening ear and prayer to those we meet. It is our desire to show God's love to the many homeless people we meet in a compassionate and practical way.

Our teams go out weekly, serving the homeless.

  Ripple Effect for Vlottenburg, South Africa

This is a ministry of partnership between Dublin Vineyard Church and the Vlottenburg Vineyard Church located in the heart of a small farming community near Stellenbosch, South Africa. Since 2008, we have been building a relationship with the Vlottenburg church community through visiting and coming alongside to support different community development projects of the Vlottenburg church. The community is very poor and many live in very poor conditions. It is our aim to support and partner with the Vlottenburg church in what they are doing to meet the many needs of their community.

Vision V. South Africa

Vision V is a Life Skills and Personal Development course, was started in January 2010, in response to the needs of the youth in Vlottenburg, a farming community outside of Stellenbosch, South Africa. It is modelled on a highly successful programme called Vision K that has been running since 2004 in a nearby township called Kayamandai. The programme was put together by a group of concerned South African Christians, on the basis of socioeconomic problems that are prevalent in this area. Vision V deals with many issues and subjects such as: Self esteem, Leadership skills, Relationships, Drugs & Alcohol, Problem solving, Computers/CV writing, HIV/AIDS, Ethics & morality, and Peer pressure. The teenagers, aged 16/17, meet weekly and as the weeks progress, gain confidence and trust in each other and in their facilitators, all the while growing in maturity and self belief.

Each year, the team members of Ripple Effect for Vlottenburg do a tremendous work in hosting a fundraiser for Vision V. Every time, we are amazed and thankful at all the effort and financial support that comes from this event. Together, we're changing teens' lives with hope and an investment in their future.


Compassion At Christmas

Around the middle of November we begin to make plans for ways to help those who will be in need at Christmas time.  We take a special collection for the sole purpose of blessing those who find Christmas a financially difficult time and have been able to help people with heating bills in January. The offering has been used to help individuals, single parent families and families who have found Christmas to be an incredible burden.

Christmas in a Bag

Christmas in a Bag was a new initiative in 2013. The idea was to get our whole community filling bags with food for needy families and for a local women’s shelter.  It has been so amazing to see others blessed by the generosity of so many people.