What are Growth Groups?

When you look at the times that you felt really connected to other people it was probably in a setting where you were with a small group of friends. Maybe it was over a pint in the pub, out for a meal with friends or meeting up with another family in the park. It probably felt great!

Growth groups are not unlike those ways of connecting with people and are a big part of our community at the Vineyard.  Our hope is that every person who calls Dublin Vineyard their home would attend a Growth Group.  Growth groups are simply a small group of people (usually 8 – 12) who get together in homes or other venues around Dublin. The groups vary in their focus but in all the groups you’ll be able to grow spiritually, have an opportunity to develop friendships, deepen relationships and  have fun and a bit of “craic”.  

Our Growth Groups typically are about 10- 12 weeks long.   Everyone can sign up for a group of their choice 3 times a year. The sign-up months take place late August - early September, January, and late April – early May. If you are new to the Vineyard and missed our sign-up month we have some groups that you can join at any time. 

You are more than welcome to join a group. So take a look, sign up and discover that life is better in community!