Is this your first time visiting us?

Walking into any type of meeting or gathering can feel a little intimidating the first time.  You’re not sure where to go, what to do or who to talk to. You may want to remain anonymous and just “check everything out” from a distance. To help you feel more comfortable as our guest at one of our Sunday services, we’d like to help put you at ease by letting you know what you can expect.


What happens before the Service?

We want to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere on Sundays and in our service. So when you arrive we’ll briefly welcome you and hand you a bulletin which simply has some information about our service that day and also some information about upcoming events that our church has on in the next days or weeks.

Before the service, we’ll have coffee and tea available and you can get settled in and relax before our service begins.  If you have children, this is a good time to talk to one of our welcome team about what is going on for our children’s programme that day.


What’s the service like?

The style of our service is informal, relaxed and contemporary.  Our service begins at 11:00am and finishes at around 12:15pm. We start our service with 20 to 25 minutes of worship music led by our worship band, which will help lead the congregation. This is a time when we want to worship God. This is when we are turning to him, focusing our minds and hearts back towards him and leaning into his presence with us as individuals and a community. We usually repeat some of the verses of the songs a few times as the words are like singing prayers.

We then have a few minutes to highlight events and things that are happening in our community and at this time the children ( aged 2 ½ - 12 years )  are excused to go to an age- appropriate programme specially designed for them.

This is followed by a 30 - 35 minute sermon given by the lead pastor or a member of our leadership team. Our aim is that the sermon would help us apply the truth of the Bible to our lives. We want this to be meaningful, inspiring and relevant to our everyday lives.

After the sermon, we want to take a few minutes to respond to what we’ve heard. With so much “noise” in our everyday lives, we want to make some space for personal reflection so we sing another worship song to help us and then the pastor will lead us in a closing prayer and time of praying a blessing over the congregation. There will usually also be an opportunity to receive prayer for any personal need including healing.


What happens after the service?

We then have time to chat over a coffee or tea and some kind of nice treat .  We’d love to meet you and Sean and the other members of staff are available to answer any questions you may have. We also have an information table and we have a welcome pack to give to all our guests so please drop by to pick one up.

As a guest you are more than welcome to fully participate or to be a ‘fly on the wall’ – just sit and watch, whatever you feel comfortable with.


What can I expect with my children?

Toddlers and babies under 2 ½
During our service we have a designated parent and child area called the “Baby Zone”. This area is in a room off the main hall that we meet in and is an area where parents can “settle “ children during the service if they need to. This room is linked with video and audio so parents can still feel connected to the main service while settling their children.

Vineyard Children’s Ministry
If you have children we want to say that they are welcomed too. We have an age- specific children’s programme available each Sunday that runs after the worship part of our Sunday service finishes. Our programme has three different “zones” that cater for children between the ages of 2 1/2 – 12 years and is provided by volunteers from our church. Once children reach secondary school they attend our regular Sunday Service.

Dublin Vineyard has a child protection policy and implements best practice in our children’s programmes. All our children’s volunteers are Garda-vetted.


What time does the service start and finish?

Our service begins at 11:00am and we aim to end at 12:15pm. Please join us for a coffee at 10:45 before the service begins.


Where does your service take place on Sundays?

Our Sunday service takes place in the Dublin City YMCA. The YMCA is located in Dublin City Centre on the corner of Aungier Street and York Street in Dublin 2, on the south-side of the city. We only meet here on Sundays. You can find directions here.