Fáilte! You're really welcome at Dublin Vineyard!
Join us every Sunday at 11am at the YMCA building on Aungier Street, Dublin 2.


Whether you are searching, interested or convinced, we welcome you full stop. We’re a diverse, multicultural church community where lives are experiencing meaningful change - a community of people who value relationship with God and each other. You don't have to be religious or practiced at church-going. You don't have to be anything. 

Just come along. You'll be welcomed! 


night of worship

Join us tomorrow Saturday 25th March in the Vineyard Centre for an extended time of worship. 


What is ALPHA?

Sometimes it's easier not to ask questions, but on Alpha, we think life is worth exploring, so your questions are welcome not matter how 'out there' they are. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the meaning of life. It's fun, relaxed and totally no pressure.

When: Starting on Sunday Jan. 29th.

Where: The Vineyard Centre, Portobello, D8.

Running for: 11 weeks.

What time: 6:00PM

Register: HERE



Winter-Spring 2017

Growth groups are simply a small group of people (usually 8 – 12) who get together in homes or other venues around Dublin. The groups vary in their focus but in all the groups you’ll be able to grow spiritually, have an opportunity to develop friendships, deepen relationships and  have fun and a bit of “craic”.  

For more info and to sign-up click  HERE