Our Story

Dublin Vineyard started in 1993 but our roots stem from a movement of God in a group of teens and young adults on the Southside of Dublin in the mid ‘80’s.  During 1993, a small group of people, led by Seán and Debbie Byrne, came together to start a church where people could find the transforming power of God’s love and mercy in their lives . 

We discovered that Christianity is really centred on a deepening friendship with Jesus, a friendship that brings meaning and meaningful change to our lives rather than trying to relate to God from a distance or by observing a list of “do’s and don’ts”. 

So we set out on a journey to build a church community based on the life changing power of God’s love and mercy and to invite others into that friendship with Jesus. We have been discovering how following Jesus can make a difference, not only in our lives, but in the lives of the people in the communities around us.

Today, Dublin Vineyard is a multi-cultural, diverse community, with people from different walks of life. What makes it all so interesting is that God has placed in each person all sorts of gifts, passions and abilities that help to build a vibrant community where God’s love, character and presence are clearly seen. We’re a growing, regional church that is contemporary, relaxed and informal in style. We are excited to extend God’s care and compassion to others, partnering with God to bring meaningful change to individuals, to families to communities and to our city. 

We believe in the authority of the Christian scriptures for our life and practice. We hold to the essential orthodox Christian beliefs as best expressed in the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed, as well as the Evangelical Statement of Faith.  Dublin Vineyard Church is a member of the Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland. You can find a more detailed statement of faith here.