You are most welcome!

Just over 25 years ago, a small group of people had a vision to start a church where ordinary people would set out to follow and partner with an extraordinary God, here in Dublin. We set out on a journey to create a community of people who wanted to see how following Jesus could make a difference, not only to our lives, but also to the lives of the people in the communities around us.

Today, Dublin Vineyard is a multi-cultural, diverse community, with people from all walks of life, whom together have found that Jesus can bring meaningful change to lives. We are a growing, regional church that is relaxed, informal and contemporary in style of our Sunday services.

We’re a place where lives are experiencing meaningful change – a community of people who value relationship with God and each other.  We believe that God is at work today all around us and he invites us to partner with him in his work of “renewing all things”.

We know that faith is a continual life-long journey of discovery. You’re welcome at the Vineyard whether you are wondering if God is real, you are searching, interested or convinced. We welcome you full stop. We invite you to come along and join us at our Sunday services. You’ll be welcomed.


Warmest regards,

Seán Byrne, Lead Pastor